Myopia (Short Sight) & Children 

There are 4 main options we would be happy to discuss with you for your child’s eyecare and Myopia (short

sight) control:

1. STANDARD GLASSES - single vision lenses to help your child focus. These do not provide any form of myopia control.

2. GLASSES with Myopia Control

Specialist glasses lenses that focus the light better around the edge of the eye. Worn like normal glasses. CLICK HERE for more information.

3. DAY LENSES with Myopia Control

Specialist contact lenses worn during the day that focus the light better around the edge of the eye. CLICK HERE for more information.

4. NIGHT LENSES  (aka Ortho-k | Orthokeratology lenses)

Lenses worn at night that correct your eye while you sleep. No need for glasses/contacts during the day

CLICK HERE for more information.

What is myopia

Myopia, casually called “Short sight”, is a condition that, unknown to many, increases sight threatening

conditions such as retinal detachments and diseases like glaucoma and myopic macular degeneration. Treat

these seriously. The higher the Myopia, the higher the risk of diseases.

Myopia leads to the eye growing longer, making the retina more likely to degenerate. If we think of the eye

like a camera, the retina is the film, capturing what we see. If the retina becomes damaged this can lead to

sight loss that cannot be corrected with spectacles or surgery. In the worst case it can lead to partial sight or

blindness. The good news is that the amount of Myopia can now be reduced in children. The chart below

shows how EARLY CONTROL should help your child see better over their lifetime, reducing their risk of eye

disease later on in life.

Scotlens - MyopiaChat - Myopia progression first diagnosis chart - Ellis Bass.png

5 questions we would like parents to ask us in the test room:

1. Does my child have myopia?

2. What line on the eye chart can they see now?

3. What line might they see in 5 years’ time?

4. What is their projected line on the graph?

5. What myopia control options are available to us?


We are a proud supporter of the

Myopia Control Awareness campaign

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