There are two types of contact lenses now available to our patients, DAY LENSES and NIGHT LENSES.

Day Lenses

These are mostly soft contact lenses, that are worn during the day. We are proud to offer many different types of Day lenses including daily disposable, 2 weekly and monthly disposable lenses. We can also offer contact lenses for more complicated prescriptions such as very high astigmatism, multifocal lenses to help you see both far and near and also lenses for various ocular conditions such as Keratoconus.   

Our team of optometrists have many years of experience fitting all types of lenses and can offer you the best advice and lens for your needs.

Night Lenses

Freedom from glasses, daytime contact lenses and laser eye surgery. Night lenses are contact lenses that naturally, and harmlessly, correct your vision while you sleep. Pop them in at bedtime, go to sleep, take them out when you wake and have perfect sight all day.  No need for glasses or daytime lenses during the day. The effect reverses after 24 hours, so repeat every day as you would with daytime lenses. They only work for less than -5.00 short sight / myopia prescriptions.